Unit µ℧
Name micromho
Category Electrical Conductance
Details A micromho (µ℧) is a unit of electrical conductance, which represents the ability of a material to conduct electric current. The term "micromho" is derived from the micro- prefix, which denotes one millionth, and the unit "mho," which is an older term for the more common unit "siemens" (S). Consequently, a micromho is equal to one millionth of a mho, or one millionth of a siemens.

In electrical conductance measurements, 1 micromho (µ℧) is equivalent to 1 microsiemens (µS). Therefore, 1 µ℧ = 1 µS. Conductance is the reciprocal of electrical resistance, so a higher conductance indicates a better ability to conduct electric current. Micromhos are typically used for measuring the conductance of small components, such as semiconductors and thin film materials, where the ability to conduct electricity is much lower than in larger conductive materials like copper or aluminum conductors.