Unit µS
Name microsiemens
Category Electrical Conductance
Details In the field of electrical conductance, the unit microsiemens (µS) is used to measure the ability of a material or solution to conduct electrical current. It is a metric unit of conductance, and it is one-millionth (1 × 10^-6) of a siemens (S), which is the basic unit of electrical conductance in the International System of Units (SI).

Conductance is the reciprocal of resistance, which means that the higher the conductance, the better a material or solution conducts electricity. In practical applications, microsiemens are often used to quantify the electrical conductance of various solutions, such as water, indicating the concentration of ions that can carry a current. For example, µS can be used to measure the purity of water or the concentration of nutrients in soil or water samples. High microsiemens values represent high conductivity or low resistance, while low microsiemens values represent low conductivity or high resistance.
µS(microsiemens) to abS(absiemens)µS(microsiemens) to ab℧(abmho)µS(microsiemens) to aS(attosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to a℧(attomho)µS(microsiemens) to cS(centisiemens)µS(microsiemens) to c℧(centimho)µS(microsiemens) to daS(decasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to da℧(decamho)µS(microsiemens) to dS(decisiemens)µS(microsiemens) to d℧(decimho)µS(microsiemens) to ES(exasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to E℧(examho)µS(microsiemens) to fS(femtosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to f℧(femtomho)µS(microsiemens) to GS(gigasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to G℧(gigamho)µS(microsiemens) to hS(hectosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to h℧(hectomho)µS(microsiemens) to kS(kilosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to k℧(kilomho)µS(microsiemens) to MS(megasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to mS(millisiemens)µS(microsiemens) to M℧(megamho)µS(microsiemens) to m℧(millimho)µS(microsiemens) to nS(nanosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to n℧(nanomho)µS(microsiemens) to PS(petasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to pS(picosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to P℧(petamho)µS(microsiemens) to p℧(picomho)µS(microsiemens) to S(siemens)µS(microsiemens) to TS(terasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to T℧(teramho)µS(microsiemens) to yS(yoctosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to YS(yottasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to y℧(yoctomho)µS(microsiemens) to Y℧(yottamho)µS(microsiemens) to zS(zeptosiemens)µS(microsiemens) to ZS(zettasiemens)µS(microsiemens) to z℧(zeptomho)µS(microsiemens) to Z℧(zettamho)µS(microsiemens) to µ℧(micromho)µS(microsiemens) to ℧(mho)