Name attoohm
Category Electrical Resistance
Details An attoohm (aΩ) is a unit of electrical resistance in the International System of Units (SI). It represents a very small level of resistance in electrical circuits. The term "atto" is a prefix that denotes a factor of 10^-18. Therefore, one attoohm (aΩ) is equal to 10^-18 ohms (Ω).

In the field of electrical resistance, a higher resistance value means that an electrical component or a material is less conductive, as it opposes the flow of electric current through it. On the other hand, a lower resistance value means a higher conductivity, as the material allows the electric current to flow more freely.

An attoohm is an extremely small unit of resistance, which signifies that an electrical component with an attoohm resistance would allow a very high level of electrical current flow with minimal opposition. It is not commonly used in everyday electronics or electrical systems, but it could potentially be relevant in specific applications where research and analysis of very low resistance levels are necessary.