Unit aA/m
Name attoampere per metre
Category Magnetic Field Intensity
Details In the field of magnetic field intensity, a unit called attoampere per meter (aA/m) is used to quantify the strength of magnetization within a material. It is a derived unit that represents the amount of electric current (in attoamperes) flowing through a specific length (in meters) within a magnetic material.

An attoampere is a very small unit of electric current, equal to 10^(-18) amperes. The unit is denoted as "aA". This unit is used for measuring extremely low current values, such as those found in nanoscale or molecular devices.

So, when discussing magnetic field intensity, aA/m represents the strength of the magnetic field generated by a current within a specific distance in a magnetic material. It helps to characterize and understand the magnetic properties of materials and the behavior of magnetic fields in various applications, from research to technology and industry.