Unit ab℧
Name abmho
Category Electrical Conductance
Details Abmho (℧) is a unit of electrical conductance, which is also known as the Siemens (S). It measures the ease with which an electrical current can pass through a material. Abmho is taken from the word "ohm" spelled backward since it is the reciprocal unit of electrical resistance, the Ohm (Ω). One abmho is equal to one reciprocal ohm or one Siemens. The unit was used extensively in the pre-SI era, and it was replaced by the widely accepted modern SI derived unit, Siemens, in 1971 by the International System of Units.

In the field of electrical conductance, a higher abmho value means the material has greater conductivity and can better carry the electric current. Conductivity depends on various factors like temperature, composition, and structure of the material. Metals generally have high conductivity, whereas insulators like plastics and ceramics have low conductivity.