Unit ab
Name attobarn
Category Area
Details An attobarn (ab) is a unit of area commonly used in the field of nuclear and particle physics to express cross-sectional areas of atomic nuclei, particles, or their interactions. It is a derived unit within the International System of Units (SI) and is based on the barn (b), which is another unit of area used in the same field, and is equal to 10^–28 square meters.

The prefix "atto" in attobarn represents 10^–18, meaning that one attobarn is equal to 10^–18 barns. Since a barn is defined as 10^–28 square meters, an attobarn is equivalent to 10^–46 square meters. In more familiar terms, an attobarn is an extremely small unit, much smaller than the cross-sectional area of an atom, and is used to describe processes and interactions that occur at the tiny subatomic scale.
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