Unit abV
Name abvolt
Category Electric Potential
Details AbV, or abvolt, is an obsolete unit of electric potential used in the field of electromagnetism. It is also sometimes called the emu (electromotive unit) of electric potential. The abvolt was used in the Gaussian, CGS-EMU (Centimetre-Gram-Second ElectroMagnetic Units) system, which was a commonly used system of units for electromagnetism prior to the widespread adoption of the SI (International System) units.

One abvolt is defined as the potential difference between two points in a conducting medium when one erg (unit of energy in the CGS system) of work is required to move one abCoulomb (10^-1 C) of electric charge between these two points.

To put it in perspective, 1 abvolt is equal to 10^-8 volts in the SI system, which makes it a much smaller unit of electric potential compared to the volt. However, due to the conversion to the SI units and the widespread adoption of volts, the abvolt has become less common and eventually obsolete in scientific and engineering applications.