Unit ac
Name acre
Category Area
Details An acre (ac) is a unit of area commonly used for measuring land. It is primarily used in the United States, United Kingdom, and their former colonies. One acre is equivalent to 43,560 square feet, 4,840 square yards, or about 0.004047 square kilometers. In the field of area, acres are often used to describe the size of parcels of land, agricultural fields, and construction sites. The concept of an acre dates back to ancient Roman and British land measurement systems, and its size has varied historically. However, the modern definition of an acre is standardized as mentioned above.
ac(acre) to a(are)ac(acre) to ab(attobarn)ac(acre) to ac [US Survey](acre)ac(acre) to am²(square attometre)ac(acre) to b(barn)ac(acre) to cb(centibarn)ac(acre) to circular milac(acre) to cm²(square centimetre)ac(acre) to dab(decabarn)ac(acre) to dam²(square decametre)ac(acre) to db(decibarn)ac(acre) to dm²(square decimetre)ac(acre) to Eb(exabarn)ac(acre) to Em²(square exametre)ac(acre) to fb(femtobarn)ac(acre) to fm²(square femtometre)ac(acre) to ft²(square foot)ac(acre) to Gb(gigabarn)ac(acre) to Gm²(square gigametre)ac(acre) to ha(hectare)ac(acre) to hb(hectobarn)ac(acre) to hm²(square hectometre)ac(acre) to in²(square inch)ac(acre) to kb(kilobarn)ac(acre) to km²(square kilometre)ac(acre) to Mb(megabarn)ac(acre) to mb(millibarn)ac(acre) to mi²(square mile)ac(acre) to Mm²(square megametre)ac(acre) to mm²(square millimetre)ac(acre) to m²(square metre)ac(acre) to nb(nanobarn)ac(acre) to nm²(square nanometre)ac(acre) to Pb(petabarn)ac(acre) to pb(picobarn)ac(acre) to Pm²(square petametre)ac(acre) to pm²(square picometre)ac(acre) to raiac(acre) to roodac(acre) to squareac(acre) to square perchac(acre) to Tb(terabarn)ac(acre) to Tm²(square terametre)ac(acre) to yb(yoctobarn)ac(acre) to Yb(yottabarn)ac(acre) to yd²(square yard)ac(acre) to ym²(square yoctometre)ac(acre) to Ym²(square yottametre)ac(acre) to zb(zeptobarn)ac(acre) to Zb(zettabarn)ac(acre) to zm²(square zeptometre)ac(acre) to Zm²(square zettametre)ac(acre) to µb(microbarn)ac(acre) to µm²(square micrometre)