Unit alx
Name attolux
Category Illuminance
Details Attolux (alx) is a unit of illuminance in the field of photometry, which is used to measure the amount of light incident on a surface. The term "attolux" is derived from "atto-" (a metric prefix that denotes a factor of 10^(-18)), and "lux" (the standard International System of Units, or SI, unit of illuminance).

The attolux is an extremely small unit of illuminance, representing 10^(-18) lux. In other words, one attolux is equal to one quintillionth of a lux, or 0.000000000000000001 lux.

To put it in perspective, typical outdoor daylight illuminance ranges from about 1,000 lux on a cloudy day to 130,000 lux in direct sunlight. Indoor lighting generally falls between 100 and 1,000 lux. Consequently, the attolux unit is not practical for most everyday lighting applications, but it may be relevant in highly specialized scientific contexts where extremely low levels of light are encountered or studied.
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