Unit aSt
Name attostokes
Category Kinematic Viscosity
Details In the field of kinematic viscosity, attostokes (aSt) is a unit of measurement used to express the kinematic viscosity of a fluid. Kinematic viscosity is the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow, also referred to as its internal friction. It is the ratio of a fluid's dynamic (or absolute) viscosity to its density.

The attostokes unit is an extremely small unit of kinematic viscosity, where 1 aSt is equal to 1 × 10⁻¹⁸ square meters per second (m²/s). This unit is primarily used when dealing with very low viscosity fluids, or in scientific research where minute measurements are critical. The attostokes is a derived unit from the larger unit of stokes (St), 1 stokes being equal to 1 × 10⁻⁴ square meters per second (m²/s).
aSt(attostokes) to am²/d(square attometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to am²/h(square attometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to am²/min(square attometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to am²/s(square attometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to cm²/d(square centimetre per day)aSt(attostokes) to cm²/h(square centimetre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to cm²/min(square centimetre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to cm²/s(square centimetre per second)aSt(attostokes) to cSt(centistokes)aSt(attostokes) to dam²/d(square decametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to dam²/h(square decametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to dam²/min(square decametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to dam²/s(square decametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to daSt(decastokes)aSt(attostokes) to dm²/d(square decimetre per day)aSt(attostokes) to dm²/h(square decimetre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to dm²/min(square decimetre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to dm²/s(square decimetre per second)aSt(attostokes) to dSt(decistokes)aSt(attostokes) to Em²/d(square exametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Em²/h(square exametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Em²/min(square exametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Em²/s(square exametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to ESt(exastokes)aSt(attostokes) to fm²/d(square femtometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to fm²/h(square femtometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to fm²/min(square femtometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to fm²/s(square femtometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to fSt(femtostokes)aSt(attostokes) to Gm²/d(square gigametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Gm²/h(square gigametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Gm²/min(square gigametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Gm²/s(square gigametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to GSt(gigastokes)aSt(attostokes) to hm²/d(square hectometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to hm²/h(square hectometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to hm²/min(square hectometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to hm²/s(square hectometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to hSt(hectostokes)aSt(attostokes) to km²/d(square kilometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to 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per minute)aSt(attostokes) to nm²/s(square nanometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to nSt(nanostokes)aSt(attostokes) to Pm²/d(square petametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to pm²/d(square picometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Pm²/h(square petametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to pm²/h(square picometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Pm²/min(square petametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to pm²/min(square picometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Pm²/s(square petametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to pm²/s(square picometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to PSt(petastokes)aSt(attostokes) to pSt(picostokes)aSt(attostokes) to St(stokes)aSt(attostokes) to Tm²/d(square terametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Tm²/h(square terametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Tm²/min(square terametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Tm²/s(square terametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to TSt(terastokes)aSt(attostokes) to ym²/d(square yoctometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Ym²/d(square yottametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to ym²/h(square yoctometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Ym²/h(square yottametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to ym²/min(square yoctometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Ym²/min(square yottametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to ym²/s(square yoctometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to Ym²/s(square yottametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to ySt(yoctostokes)aSt(attostokes) to YSt(yottastokes)aSt(attostokes) to zm²/d(square zeptometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to Zm²/d(square zettametre per day)aSt(attostokes) to zm²/h(square zeptometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to Zm²/h(square zettametre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to zm²/min(square zeptometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to Zm²/min(square zettametre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to zm²/s(square zeptometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to Zm²/s(square zettametre per second)aSt(attostokes) to zSt(zeptostokes)aSt(attostokes) to ZSt(zettastokes)aSt(attostokes) to µm²/d(square micrometre per day)aSt(attostokes) to µm²/h(square micrometre per hour)aSt(attostokes) to µm²/min(square micrometre per minute)aSt(attostokes) to µm²/s(square micrometre per second)aSt(attostokes) to µSt(microstokes)