Unit aWb
Name attoweber
Category Magnetic Flux
Details An attoweber (aWb) is a unit of magnetic flux in the International System of Units (SI). It is a derived unit that represents a magnetic flux value of 1 x 10^-18 webers (Wb). The weber (Wb) is the standard unit for magnetic flux, and the prefix "atto" denotes a factor of 10^-18, making the attoweber a much smaller unit.

Magnetic flux is a measure of the total magnetic field that passes through a given area, such as a loop of wire or a magnetic circuit, and is an important quantity in studying electromagnetism, magnetic materials, and devices, like transformers, inductors, and magnets. By using attowebers, we can measure very small, precise values of magnetic flux, which is useful when dealing with tiny magnetic components or sensitive applications where accuracy is crucial.