Unit cA/m
Name centiampere per metre
Category Magnetic Field Intensity
Details In the field of magnetic field intensity, the unit cA/m (centiampere per meter) is used to express the strength of a magnetic field. The magnetic field intensity, also known as magnetic field strength or magnetizing force, is a measure of the intensity of a magnetic field produced by a current-carrying conductor or magnetic material. Specifically, it represents the distribution of magnetic field within a medium or material due to an externally applied magnetic force.

The unit centiampere (cA) is a submultiple of the ampere (A), the SI unit of electric current. One centiampere is equal to one hundredth (1/100) of an ampere. This means that 1 cA is equivalent to 0.01 A.

Therefore, the unit cA/m (centiampere per meter) quantifies the magnetic field intensity in terms of the electric current (in centiamperes) flowing through the conductor, divided by the distance (in meters) over which the magnetic field is distributed. In other words, it indicates how strong the magnetizing force is per unit length that generates a magnetic field around the conductor or magnetic material.