Unit cd/m²
Name candela per square metre
Category Luminance
Details Candela per square meter (cd/m²) is a unit used to measure luminance in the field of photometry, which deals with the visible energy of light. Luminance refers to the amount of light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by a particular surface or area, and it is an important aspect of lighting design, photography, display technology, and vision science.

The candela per square meter (cd/m²) represents the intensity of light emitted or reflected by a surface, where one candela is the luminous intensity of a light source that emits mono-directional light. The square meter part of the unit signifies the area over which this intensity is distributed.

This unit of measurement is particularly significant in the design and evaluation of light-emitting devices, such as screens, monitors, and electronic displays. It helps engineers and designers understand how much light is generated by these devices and, subsequently, how well the human eye can perceive this light, as our eyes are more sensitive to certain levels of luminance.

In summary, cd/m² is a unit of measurement for luminance that quantifies the intensity of light emitted or reflected from a surface per unit area. It is commonly used to evaluate and design lighting systems, electronic displays, and photographic equipment, as well as to study the human visual system.
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