Unit cg
Name centigram
Category Mass
Details A centigram (cg) is a unit of mass in the metric system. It is equal to one hundredth (1/100) of a gram, which is the basic unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI). Typically, the centigram is not commonly used in practice as it is a relatively small unit, with other units such as grams or milligrams being more commonly utilized. However, in certain situations, such as in scientific research or specialized industries, centigrams can be useful for measuring very small amounts of mass accurately.
cg(centigram) to ag(attogram)cg(centigram) to at [metric](attotonne)cg(centigram) to ct(carat)cg(centigram) to ct [metric](centitonne)cg(centigram) to dag(decagram)cg(centigram) to dat [metric](decatonne)cg(centigram) to dg(decigram)cg(centigram) to dt [metric](decitonne)cg(centigram) to dwt(pennyweight)cg(centigram) to Eg(exagram)cg(centigram) to Et [metric](exatonne)cg(centigram) to fg(femtogram)cg(centigram) to ft [metric](femtotonne)cg(centigram) to g(gram)cg(centigram) to Gg(gigagram)cg(centigram) to gr(grain)cg(centigram) to Gt [metric](gigatonne)cg(centigram) to hg(hectogram)cg(centigram) to ht [metric](hectotonne)cg(centigram) to kg(kilogram)cg(centigram) to kt [metric](kilotonne)cg(centigram) to lb(pound)cg(centigram) to lb t(troy pound)cg(centigram) to long cwt [Imperial](long hundredweight)cg(centigram) to long tn [Imperial](long tonne)cg(centigram) to Mg(megagram)cg(centigram) to mg(milligram)cg(centigram) to Mt [metric](megatonne)cg(centigram) to mt [metric](millitonne)cg(centigram) to ng(nanogram)cg(centigram) to nt [metric](nanotonne)cg(centigram) to oz(ounce)cg(centigram) to oz t(troy ounce)cg(centigram) to oz [US food nutrition labeling](ounce)cg(centigram) to Pg(petagram)cg(centigram) to pg(picogram)cg(centigram) to poodcg(centigram) to Pt [metric](petatonne)cg(centigram) to pt [metric](picotonne)cg(centigram) to sh cwt [US](short hundredweight)cg(centigram) to sh tn [US](short tonne)cg(centigram) to slugcg(centigram) to st(stone)cg(centigram) to t [metric](tonne)cg(centigram) to Tg(teragram)cg(centigram) to Tt [metric](teratonne)cg(centigram) to yg(yoctogram)cg(centigram) to Yg(yottagram)cg(centigram) to yt [metric](yoctotonne)cg(centigram) to Yt [metric](yottatonne)cg(centigram) to zg(zeptogram)cg(centigram) to Zg(zettagram)cg(centigram) to zt [metric](zeptotonne)cg(centigram) to Zt [metric](zettatonne)cg(centigram) to µg(microgram)cg(centigram) to µt [metric](microtonne)