Unit cHz
Name centihertz
Category Frequency
Details Centihertz (cHz) is a unit of measurement for frequency in the field of physics and engineering, particularly for measuring periodic events, oscillations, or vibrations. One centihertz denotes one-hundredth of a hertz, where hertz (Hz) is the standard unit for frequency measurement. In other words, 1 cHz is equal to 0.01 Hz.

Frequency represents the number of cycles or oscillations of a periodic event per unit of time, typically expressed in cycles per second or hertz. A centihertz frequency indicates that the event or vibration occurs once every 100 seconds, while a frequency of 1 hertz means the event occurs every second. Centihertz (cHz) is a relatively small unit of frequency and is commonly used for measuring lower frequencies or slow events like geological activity or long-term patterns.