Unit cP
Name centipoise
Category Dynamic Viscosity
Details Centipoise (cP) is a unit of dynamic viscosity, which quantifies a fluid's resistance to flow or deformation under an applied force. Dynamic viscosity is also sometimes referred to as absolute viscosity. The unit centipoise is derived from the unit poise (P), which was named in honor of French physicist Jean Louis Marie Poiseuille, who conducted groundbreaking work on fluid mechanics.

1 centipoise is equal to 1/100th of a poise (1 cP = 0.01 P). The centipoise is a more commonly used unit because it provides convenient numerical values for most fluids encountered in practice. For reference, the viscosity of water at 20°C is about 1 centipoise, while the viscosity of honey, a much thicker fluid, can be around 10,000 centipoise.

Dynamic viscosity is often measured in the field of rheology, which studies the flow and deformation of matter. Understanding and controlling the viscosity of fluids plays a crucial role in diverse industries such as food, cosmetics, paints, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. Accurately measuring the dynamic viscosity of a fluid helps engineers and researchers design better products and processes.
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