Unit d℧
Name decimho
Category Electrical Conductance
Details The unit decimho (d℧) is a non-SI unit used in the field of electrical conductance. It represents one-tenth of a mho (℧), where a mho is the reciprocal of ohm (Ω). Ohm is the unit of electrical resistance, and its reciprocal, mho, is the unit for electrical conductance. Therefore, one decimho is equal to one-tenth of the conductance of an electrical element with one ohm of resistance.

In the context of electrical conductance, a higher decimho value equates to better conductivity in a material or element. It is used to express how easily electricity can flow through a material, the opposite of electrical resistance.

However, decimho is an uncommon and outdated unit. Nowadays, electrical conductance is primarily measured in siemens (S) in the International System of Units (SI), where 1 mho is equal to 1 siemen (S) and 1 decimho is equal to 0.1 S.