Unit da℧
Name decamho
Category Electrical Conductance
Details Unit da℧ (decamho) is a unit of electrical conductance used in the field of electricity and electronics. The term "decamho" is derived from the combination of the metric prefix "deca-" and the base unit "mho," which is an older term for Siemens.

The base unit of electrical conductance is the Siemens (S), which is equal to one ampere per volt (1 A/V). Decamho (da℧) is a multiple of the base unit, where 1 da℧ equals 10 Siemens (10 S). It represents the conductance of a conductor through which a current of one ampere flows when it is subjected to a potential difference of one-tenth of a volt.

In summary, the unit da℧ (decamho) in electrical conductance is equivalent to 10 Siemens (10 S) and is used to measure the electrical conductance of a conductor.