Unit dacal [15 °C]
Name decacalorie
Category Energy
Details A unit decacalorie (15 °C) in the field of energy refers to an energy measurement unit that is equal to ten calories measured at 15 degrees Celsius. It is a non-SI unit, meaning it is not an internationally recognized standard for the measurement of energy.

A calorie, specifically a gram calorie (small calorie), is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Thus, a decacalorie would be the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 10 grams of water by one degree Celsius at 15 °C.

It's important to note that calories and decacalories are not widely used as energy units in the scientific community anymore. Instead, the preferred unit for energy is the joule (J), which is the SI unit for energy. One calorie (15 °C) is approximately equal to 4.185 joules, so one decacalorie (15 °C) would be approximately equal to 41.85 joules.
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°C](decacalorie) to TeV(teraelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to th(thermie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to thm [EC](therm)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to thm [Imperial](therm)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to thm [US](therm)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to TJ(terajoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to toe(tonne of oil equivalent)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Tt [TNT](teratonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to TW h(terawatt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to W h(watt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ycal(yoctocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Ycal(yottacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ycal [15 °C](yoctocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Ycal [15 °C](yottacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ycal [IT](yoctocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Ycal [IT](yottacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to yeV(yoctoelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to YeV(yottaelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to yJ(yoctojoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to YJ(yottajoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to yt [TNT](yoctotonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Yt [TNT](yottatonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to yW h(yoctowatt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to YW h(yottawatt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zcal(zeptocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Zcal(zettacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zcal [15 °C](zeptocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Zcal [15 °C](zettacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zcal [IT](zeptocalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Zcal [IT](zettacalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zeV(zeptoelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ZeV(zettaelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zJ(zeptojoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ZJ(zettajoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zt [TNT](zeptotonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to Zt [TNT](zettatonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to zW h(zeptowatt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to ZW h(zettawatt hour)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µcal(microcalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µcal [15 °C](microcalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µcal [IT](microcalorie)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µeV(microelectron volt)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µJ(microjoule)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µt [TNT](microtonne)dacal [15 °C](decacalorie) to µW h(microwatt hour)