Unit daN
Name decanewton
Category Force
Details A decanewton (daN) is a unit of force in the field of physics and engineering. It is part of the SI system of units (International System of Units) and is equal to 10 newtons (N). Force represents the interaction between two objects that can result in an acceleration or deformation of those objects.

A newton (N) is the base unit of force and is defined as the force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared (N = kg * m/s²). The decanewton, as the name implies, is 10 times the magnitude of a newton. So, 1 daN is equal to 10 N. It is a convenient unit to use when dealing with forces that are larger than a newton, but not large enough to require the use of another larger unit like the kilonewton (kN).

In summary, a decanewton (daN) is a unit of force that equals 10 newtons (N). It is used to measure forces that are larger than a newton but not large enough for other larger units of force like the kilonewton.
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