Name exaohm
Category Electrical Resistance
Details Unit EΩ (exaohm) is a unit of electrical resistance in the International System of Units (SI). It represents a measure of opposition to the flow of electric current in a circuit. An exaohm is equal to one quintillion ohms, or 1 EΩ = 10^18 Ω (1 followed by 18 zeros). Exa is an SI prefix representing 10^18 times the unit it modifies, while ohm (denoted as Ω) is the basic unit of electrical resistance.

In the field of electrical resistance, the exaohm is a relatively large unit, which is typically used to express extraordinarily high resistance values, such as in insulating materials or in more specialized contexts like space. It is significant to mention that Exaohm (EΩ) is not a common unit in everyday electrical applications, as typical resistance values are usually in the range of ohms to megaohms (MΩ).