Unit EH
Name exahenry
Category Inductance
Details Exahenry (EH) is a unit of measurement for inductance in the International System of Units (SI). Inductance is a property of an electrical conductor, often in the form of a coil or inductor, that determines the degree of opposition it offers to the change in electrical current passing through it. The unit used to express inductance is the henry (H), named after the scientist Joseph Henry.

Exahenry is a derived unit from henry, with the prefix "exa-" representing 10^18 times the base unit. So, 1 exahenry (EH) is equivalent to 1 × 10^18 henries (H). It is an extremely large unit of inductance, which is typically used in scientific contexts or to describe inductance values in theoretical systems, but it is not commonly used in everyday electrical or electronic systems.