Unit erg
Category Energy
Details Erg is a unit of energy in the centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system, which is widely used in physics and engineering. It is a relatively small unit, where 1 erg equals 10^-7 Joules (J). The erg is defined as the work or energy done when a force of one dyne is applied to an object, resulting in a displacement of one centimeter, which can be represented as: 1 erg = 1 dyne * 1 cm.

In the field of energy, the erg is often used to describe small quantities of energy, such as the energy of particles or energy transfer in small-scale processes. Although the erg is not as widely used as the Joule in modern scientific literature, it is still occasionally employed in areas such as astrophysics, particle physics, and mechanical engineering.
erg to acal(attocalorie)erg to acal [15 °C](attocalorie)erg to acal [IT](attocalorie)erg to aeV(attoelectron volt)erg to aJ(attojoule)erg to at [TNT](attotonne)erg to aW h(attowatt hour)erg to BTU(British thermal unit)erg to BTU [15 °C](British thermal unit)erg to BTU [IT](British thermal unit)erg to cal(calorie)erg to cal [15 °C](calorie)erg to Cal [food](calorie)erg to cal [IT](calorie)erg to ccal(centicalorie)erg to ccal [15 °C](centicalorie)erg to ccal [IT](centicalorie)erg to ceV(centielectron volt)erg to cJ(centijoule)erg to ct [TNT](centitonne)erg to cW h(centiwatt hour)erg to dacal(decacalorie)erg to dacal [15 °C](decacalorie)erg to dacal [IT](decacalorie)erg to daeV(decaelectron volt)erg to daJ(decajoule)erg to dat [TNT](decatonne)erg to daW h(decawatt hour)erg to dcal(decicalorie)erg to dcal [15 °C](decicalorie)erg to dcal [IT](decicalorie)erg to deV(decielectron volt)erg to dJ(decijoule)erg to dt [TNT](decitonne)erg to Dth [EC](decatherm)erg to dW h(deciwatt hour)erg to Ecal(exacalorie)erg to Ecal [15 °C](exacalorie)erg to Ecal [IT](exacalorie)erg to EeV(exaelectron volt)erg to EJ(exajoule)erg to Et [TNT](exatonne)erg to eV(electron volt)erg to EW h(exawatt hour)erg to fcal(femtocalorie)erg to fcal [15 °C](femtocalorie)erg to fcal [IT](femtocalorie)erg to feV(femtoelectron volt)erg to fJ(femtojoule)erg to ft lbf(foot-pound force)erg to ft [TNT](femtotonne)erg to fW h(femtowatt hour)erg to Gcal(gigacalorie)erg to Gcal [15 °C](gigacalorie)erg to Gcal [IT](gigacalorie)erg to GeV(gigaelectron volt)erg to GJ(gigajoule)erg to Gt [TNT](gigatonne)erg to GW h(gigawatt hour)erg to Ha(hartree)erg to hcal(hectocalorie)erg to hcal [15 °C](hectocalorie)erg to hcal [IT](hectocalorie)erg to heV(hectoelectron volt)erg to hJ(hectojoule)erg to ht [TNT](hectotonne)erg to hW h(hectowatt hour)erg to J(joule)erg to kcal(kilocalorie)erg to kcal [15 °C](kilocalorie)erg to kcal [IT](kilocalorie)erg to keV(kiloelectron volt)erg to kJ(kilojoule)erg to kt [TNT](kilotonne)erg to kW h(kilowatt hour)erg to MBTU [IT](thousand British thermal units)erg to Mcal(megacalorie)erg to mcal(millicalorie)erg to Mcal [15 °C](megacalorie)erg to mcal [15 °C](millicalorie)erg to Mcal [IT](megacalorie)erg to mcal [IT](millicalorie)erg to MDth [EC](thousand decatherms)erg to MeV(megaelectron volt)erg to meV(millielectron volt)erg to MJ(megajoule)erg to mJ(millijoule)erg to MMBTU [IT](million British thermal units)erg to MMDth [EC](million decatherms)erg to Mt [TNT](megatonne)erg to mt [TNT](millitonne)erg to MW h(megawatt hour)erg to mW h(milliwatt hour)erg to ncal(nanocalorie)erg to ncal [15 °C](nanocalorie)erg to ncal [IT](nanocalorie)erg to neV(nanoelectron volt)erg to nJ(nanojoule)erg to nt [TNT](nanotonne)erg to nW h(nanowatt hour)erg to Pcal(petacalorie)erg to pcal(picocalorie)erg to Pcal [15 °C](petacalorie)erg to pcal [15 °C](picocalorie)erg to Pcal [IT](petacalorie)erg to pcal [IT](picocalorie)erg to PeV(petaelectron volt)erg to peV(picoelectron volt)erg to PJ(petajoule)erg to pJ(picojoule)erg to Pt [TNT](petatonne)erg to pt [TNT](picotonne)erg to PW h(petawatt hour)erg to pW h(picowatt hour)erg to quaderg to t [TNT](tonne)erg to Tcal(teracalorie)erg to Tcal [15 °C](teracalorie)erg to Tcal [IT](teracalorie)erg to TeV(teraelectron volt)erg to th(thermie)erg to thm [EC](therm)erg to thm [Imperial](therm)erg to thm [US](therm)erg to TJ(terajoule)erg to toe(tonne of oil equivalent)erg to Tt [TNT](teratonne)erg to TW h(terawatt hour)erg to W h(watt hour)erg to ycal(yoctocalorie)erg to Ycal(yottacalorie)erg to ycal [15 °C](yoctocalorie)erg to Ycal [15 °C](yottacalorie)erg to ycal [IT](yoctocalorie)erg to Ycal [IT](yottacalorie)erg to yeV(yoctoelectron volt)erg to YeV(yottaelectron volt)erg to yJ(yoctojoule)erg to YJ(yottajoule)erg to yt [TNT](yoctotonne)erg to Yt [TNT](yottatonne)erg to yW h(yoctowatt hour)erg to YW h(yottawatt hour)erg to zcal(zeptocalorie)erg to Zcal(zettacalorie)erg to zcal [15 °C](zeptocalorie)erg to Zcal [15 °C](zettacalorie)erg to zcal [IT](zeptocalorie)erg to Zcal [IT](zettacalorie)erg to zeV(zeptoelectron volt)erg to ZeV(zettaelectron volt)erg to zJ(zeptojoule)erg to ZJ(zettajoule)erg to zt [TNT](zeptotonne)erg to Zt [TNT](zettatonne)erg to zW h(zeptowatt hour)erg to ZW h(zettawatt hour)erg to µcal(microcalorie)erg to µcal [15 °C](microcalorie)erg to µcal [IT](microcalorie)erg to µeV(microelectron volt)erg to µJ(microjoule)erg to µt [TNT](microtonne)erg to µW h(microwatt hour)