Unit Et [TNT]
Name exatonne
Category Energy
Details The unit Et (exatonne) in the field of energy generally refers to an exatonne of TNT (trinitrotoluene). It is used to describe the energy released in terms of the explosive power or energy equivalent of a specific quantity of TNT.

An exatonne of TNT is equivalent to 10^18 tonnes of TNT, where TNT is an extensively used industrial and military explosive due to its high stability and strong explosive power. In science and engineering, TNT is often used as a comparison metric when quantifying the energy released in various processes such as nuclear reactions, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

To put it into perspective, one tonne of TNT releases approximately 4.18 x 10^12 joules of energy. Therefore, an exatonne of TNT would release around 4.18 x 10^30 joules of energy. This unit reflects extremely large values of energy and is usually helpful in expressing significant energy events or sources.
Et [TNT](exatonne) to acal(attocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to acal [15 °C](attocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to acal [IT](attocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to aeV(attoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to aJ(attojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to at [TNT](attotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to aW h(attowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to BTU(British thermal unit)Et [TNT](exatonne) to BTU [15 °C](British thermal unit)Et [TNT](exatonne) to BTU [IT](British thermal unit)Et [TNT](exatonne) to cal(calorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to cal [15 °C](calorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Cal [food](calorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to cal [IT](calorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ccal(centicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ccal [15 °C](centicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ccal [IT](centicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ceV(centielectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to cJ(centijoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ct [TNT](centitonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to cW h(centiwatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dacal(decacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dacal [15 °C](decacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dacal [IT](decacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to daeV(decaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to daJ(decajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dat [TNT](decatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to daW h(decawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dcal(decicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dcal [15 °C](decicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dcal [IT](decicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to deV(decielectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dJ(decijoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dt [TNT](decitonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Dth [EC](decatherm)Et [TNT](exatonne) to dW h(deciwatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ecal(exacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ecal [15 °C](exacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ecal [IT](exacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to EeV(exaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to EJ(exajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ergEt [TNT](exatonne) to eV(electron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to EW h(exawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to fcal(femtocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to fcal [15 °C](femtocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to fcal [IT](femtocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to feV(femtoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to fJ(femtojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ft lbf(foot-pound force)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ft [TNT](femtotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to fW h(femtowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Gcal(gigacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Gcal [15 °C](gigacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Gcal [IT](gigacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to GeV(gigaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to GJ(gigajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Gt [TNT](gigatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to GW h(gigawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ha(hartree)Et [TNT](exatonne) to hcal(hectocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to hcal [15 °C](hectocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to hcal [IT](hectocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to heV(hectoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to hJ(hectojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ht [TNT](hectotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to hW h(hectowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to J(joule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kcal(kilocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kcal [15 °C](kilocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kcal [IT](kilocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to keV(kiloelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kJ(kilojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kt [TNT](kilotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to kW h(kilowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MBTU [IT](thousand British thermal units)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Mcal(megacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mcal(millicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Mcal [15 °C](megacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mcal [15 °C](millicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Mcal [IT](megacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mcal [IT](millicalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MDth [EC](thousand decatherms)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MeV(megaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to meV(millielectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MJ(megajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mJ(millijoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MMBTU [IT](million British thermal units)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MMDth [EC](million decatherms)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Mt [TNT](megatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mt [TNT](millitonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to MW h(megawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to mW h(milliwatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ncal(nanocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ncal [15 °C](nanocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ncal [IT](nanocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to neV(nanoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to nJ(nanojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to nt [TNT](nanotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to nW h(nanowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Pcal(petacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pcal(picocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Pcal [15 °C](petacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pcal [15 °C](picocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Pcal [IT](petacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pcal [IT](picocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to PeV(petaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to peV(picoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to PJ(petajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pJ(picojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Pt [TNT](petatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pt [TNT](picotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to PW h(petawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to pW h(picowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to quadEt [TNT](exatonne) to t [TNT](tonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Tcal(teracalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Tcal [15 °C](teracalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Tcal [IT](teracalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to TeV(teraelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to th(thermie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to thm [EC](therm)Et [TNT](exatonne) to thm [Imperial](therm)Et [TNT](exatonne) to thm [US](therm)Et [TNT](exatonne) to TJ(terajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to toe(tonne of oil equivalent)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Tt [TNT](teratonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to TW h(terawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to W h(watt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ycal(yoctocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ycal(yottacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ycal [15 °C](yoctocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ycal [15 °C](yottacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ycal [IT](yoctocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Ycal [IT](yottacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to yeV(yoctoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to YeV(yottaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to yJ(yoctojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to YJ(yottajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to yt [TNT](yoctotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Yt [TNT](yottatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to yW h(yoctowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to YW h(yottawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zcal(zeptocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Zcal(zettacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zcal [15 °C](zeptocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Zcal [15 °C](zettacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zcal [IT](zeptocalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Zcal [IT](zettacalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zeV(zeptoelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ZeV(zettaelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zJ(zeptojoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ZJ(zettajoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zt [TNT](zeptotonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to Zt [TNT](zettatonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to zW h(zeptowatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to ZW h(zettawatt hour)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µcal(microcalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µcal [15 °C](microcalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µcal [IT](microcalorie)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µeV(microelectron volt)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µJ(microjoule)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µt [TNT](microtonne)Et [TNT](exatonne) to µW h(microwatt hour)