Unit fH
Name femtohenry
Category Inductance
Details A unit called "femtohenry" (fH) is used in the field of inductance to measure extremely small inductance values. It is a derived unit of inductance in the International System of Units (SI). One femtohenry is equal to 10^(-15) henry (1 fH = 10^(-15) H). The henry (H) is the SI unit for inductance.

In electronic circuits, inductors are passive components that store energy in their magnetic field when an electric current flows through them. They possess the property of opposing any change in the current passing through them. With the advent of nanotechnology and miniaturization in electronics, components have become incredibly small, and sometimes their inductance values fall in the femtohenry range. This is when the unit femtohenry becomes particularly useful in denoting such small magnitudes of inductance.