Unit ft [TNT]
Name femtotonne
Category Energy
Details In the field of energy, ft [TNT] (femtotonne) refers to a unit used to quantify the amount of energy released from explosives. It is based on the energy release of one tonne of TNT (trinitrotoluene), which is a standard measure of the explosive power of a material.

In this context, "femto" is a prefix that represents a factor of 10^(-15) or 0.000000000000001. So, a femtotonne of TNT represents an energy release 10^(-15) times smaller than the energy released by one tonne of TNT.

The ft [TNT] (femtotonne) unit is useful for discussing very small energy releases or explosions, such as those caused by micro-scale experiments or miniature energy-producing technologies.
ft [TNT](femtotonne) to acal(attocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to acal [15 °C](attocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to acal [IT](attocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to aeV(attoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to aJ(attojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to at [TNT](attotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to aW h(attowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to BTU(British thermal unit)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to BTU [15 °C](British thermal unit)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to BTU [IT](British thermal unit)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to cal(calorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to cal [15 °C](calorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Cal [food](calorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to cal [IT](calorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ccal(centicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ccal [15 °C](centicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ccal [IT](centicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ceV(centielectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to cJ(centijoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ct [TNT](centitonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to cW h(centiwatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dacal(decacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dacal [15 °C](decacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dacal [IT](decacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to daeV(decaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to daJ(decajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dat [TNT](decatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to daW h(decawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dcal(decicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dcal [15 °C](decicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dcal [IT](decicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to deV(decielectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dJ(decijoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dt [TNT](decitonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Dth [EC](decatherm)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to dW h(deciwatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ecal(exacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ecal [15 °C](exacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ecal [IT](exacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to EeV(exaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to EJ(exajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ergft [TNT](femtotonne) to Et [TNT](exatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to eV(electron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to EW h(exawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to fcal(femtocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to fcal [15 °C](femtocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to fcal [IT](femtocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to feV(femtoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to fJ(femtojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ft lbf(foot-pound force)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to fW h(femtowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Gcal(gigacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Gcal [15 °C](gigacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Gcal [IT](gigacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to GeV(gigaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to GJ(gigajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Gt [TNT](gigatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to GW h(gigawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ha(hartree)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to hcal(hectocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to hcal [15 °C](hectocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to hcal [IT](hectocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to heV(hectoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to hJ(hectojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ht [TNT](hectotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to hW h(hectowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to J(joule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kcal(kilocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kcal [15 °C](kilocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kcal [IT](kilocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to keV(kiloelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kJ(kilojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kt [TNT](kilotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to kW h(kilowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MBTU [IT](thousand British thermal units)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Mcal(megacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mcal(millicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Mcal [15 °C](megacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mcal [15 °C](millicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Mcal [IT](megacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mcal [IT](millicalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MDth [EC](thousand decatherms)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MeV(megaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to meV(millielectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MJ(megajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mJ(millijoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MMBTU [IT](million British thermal units)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MMDth [EC](million decatherms)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Mt [TNT](megatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mt [TNT](millitonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to MW h(megawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to mW h(milliwatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ncal(nanocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ncal [15 °C](nanocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ncal [IT](nanocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to neV(nanoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to nJ(nanojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to nt [TNT](nanotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to nW h(nanowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Pcal(petacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pcal(picocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Pcal [15 °C](petacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pcal [15 °C](picocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Pcal [IT](petacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pcal [IT](picocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to PeV(petaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to peV(picoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to PJ(petajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pJ(picojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Pt [TNT](petatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pt [TNT](picotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to PW h(petawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to pW h(picowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to quadft [TNT](femtotonne) to t [TNT](tonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Tcal(teracalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Tcal [15 °C](teracalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Tcal [IT](teracalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to TeV(teraelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to th(thermie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to thm [EC](therm)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to thm [Imperial](therm)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to thm [US](therm)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to TJ(terajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to toe(tonne of oil equivalent)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Tt [TNT](teratonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to TW h(terawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to W h(watt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ycal(yoctocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ycal(yottacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ycal [15 °C](yoctocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ycal [15 °C](yottacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ycal [IT](yoctocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Ycal [IT](yottacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to yeV(yoctoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to YeV(yottaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to yJ(yoctojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to YJ(yottajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to yt [TNT](yoctotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Yt [TNT](yottatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to yW h(yoctowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to YW h(yottawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zcal(zeptocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Zcal(zettacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zcal [15 °C](zeptocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Zcal [15 °C](zettacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zcal [IT](zeptocalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Zcal [IT](zettacalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zeV(zeptoelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ZeV(zettaelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zJ(zeptojoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ZJ(zettajoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zt [TNT](zeptotonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to Zt [TNT](zettatonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to zW h(zeptowatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to ZW h(zettawatt hour)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µcal(microcalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µcal [15 °C](microcalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µcal [IT](microcalorie)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µeV(microelectron volt)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µJ(microjoule)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µt [TNT](microtonne)ft [TNT](femtotonne) to µW h(microwatt hour)