Unit Gb
Name gigabarn
Category Area
Details A gigabarn (Gb) is a unit of area used primarily in nuclear and particle physics to measure cross-sectional areas of particle interactions. A cross-sectional area is a measure of the probability that a given interaction will occur, such as the collision or scattering of particles. The name "barn" comes from the colloquial expression "big as a barn" because it was initially used to represent relatively large cross-sectional areas in nuclear reactions.

1 gigabarn is equal to 10^9 barns, where 1 barn is equal to 10^-28 square meters (m²). Therefore, 1 Gb is equal to 10^-19 square meters (m²).

In scientific notation:

1 Gb = 1 x 10^9 barn
1 barn = 1 x 10^-28 m²
1 Gb = 1 x 10^-19 m²

The gigabarn (Gb) is a large unit compared to a barn; it is used to represent larger cross-sectional areas or to compare cross sections of various particle interactions in high-energy physics experiments.
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