Unit GN
Name giganewton
Category Force
Details In the field of force, Giganewton (GN) is a unit used to measure force, which is an influence that changes the motion of an object. It is a part of the International System of Units (SI), and is derived from the basic unit of force, the newton (N). A Giganewton is equal to 1,000,000,000 or 10^9 newtons.

The newton is named after the famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton, as a tribute to his work on classical mechanics and the fundamental laws of motion. These laws describe the relationship between the motion of an object and the forces applied to it.

The Giganewton is generally used to express very large forces, such as in the fields of engineering or mechanics for measuring forces involved in the construction of large structures or for describing forces that act during rocket launches.
GN(giganewton) to agf(attogram-force)GN(giganewton) to aN(attonewton)GN(giganewton) to cgf(centigram-force)GN(giganewton) to cN(centinewton)GN(giganewton) to dagf(decagram-force)GN(giganewton) to daN(decanewton)GN(giganewton) to dgf(decigram-force)GN(giganewton) to dN(decinewton)GN(giganewton) to dyn(dyne)GN(giganewton) to Egf(exagram-force)GN(giganewton) to EN(exanewton)GN(giganewton) to fgf(femtogram-force)GN(giganewton) to fN(femtonewton)GN(giganewton) to gf(gram-force)GN(giganewton) to Ggf(gigagram-force)GN(giganewton) to hgf(hectogram-force)GN(giganewton) to hN(hectonewton)GN(giganewton) to kgf(kilogram-force)GN(giganewton) to kipGN(giganewton) to kN(kilonewton)GN(giganewton) to kp(kilopond)GN(giganewton) to lbf(pound-force)GN(giganewton) to mgf(milligram-force)GN(giganewton) to Mgf(megagram-force)GN(giganewton) to mN(millinewton)GN(giganewton) to MN(meganewton)GN(giganewton) to N(newton)GN(giganewton) to ngf(nanogram-force)GN(giganewton) to nN(nanonewton)GN(giganewton) to ozf(ounce-force)GN(giganewton) to pdl(poundal)GN(giganewton) to Pgf(petagram-force)GN(giganewton) to pgf(picogram-force)GN(giganewton) to PN(petanewton)GN(giganewton) to pN(piconewton)GN(giganewton) to Tgf(teragram-force)GN(giganewton) to TN(teranewton)GN(giganewton) to ygf(yoctogram-force)GN(giganewton) to Ygf(yottagram-force)GN(giganewton) to yN(yoctonewton)GN(giganewton) to YN(yottanewton)GN(giganewton) to zgf(zeptogram-force)GN(giganewton) to Zgf(zettagram-force)GN(giganewton) to zN(zeptonewton)GN(giganewton) to ZN(zettanewton)GN(giganewton) to µgf(microgram-force)GN(giganewton) to µN(micronewton)