Unit grad
Category Angle
Details The unit grad, also known as gradian, gon, or grade, is a unit of measurement for angles. It is primarily used in surveying, geodesy, and other fields where angles need to be measured precisely. One full rotation or a circle is equal to 400 grads, so one grad represents 1/400 of a full rotation.

The grad is defined such that a right angle (90°) is equal to 100 grads. To convert between grads and degrees, you can use the following relationships:

1 grad = 0.9°
1° = 10/9 grads

The advantage of using grads as a unit of angle is that it simplifies many calculations, particularly for trigonometric functions and operations involving angles, since the grad system divides the circle into 400 equal parts, which is easily divisible by 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, and other factors. However, the more commonly used unit for angles is the degree or radian.