Unit ha
Name hectare
Category Area
Details A hectare (ha) is a unit of area used in the field of land measurement, primarily for agriculture, forestry, and land development. One hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters (100 meters by 100 meters) or 2.471 acres. It is a widely used unit for the measurement of land area around the world, as it provides a convenient size for describing various land areas, such as agricultural plots, forests, or development sites. The unit is part of the International System of Units (SI) and is often used in regional and global land assessments, environmental studies, and agricultural calculations.
ha(hectare) to a(are)ha(hectare) to ab(attobarn)ha(hectare) to ac(acre)ha(hectare) to ac [US Survey](acre)ha(hectare) to am²(square attometre)ha(hectare) to b(barn)ha(hectare) to cb(centibarn)ha(hectare) to circular milha(hectare) to cm²(square centimetre)ha(hectare) to dab(decabarn)ha(hectare) to dam²(square decametre)ha(hectare) to db(decibarn)ha(hectare) to dm²(square decimetre)ha(hectare) to Eb(exabarn)ha(hectare) to Em²(square exametre)ha(hectare) to fb(femtobarn)ha(hectare) to fm²(square femtometre)ha(hectare) to ft²(square foot)ha(hectare) to Gb(gigabarn)ha(hectare) to Gm²(square gigametre)ha(hectare) to hb(hectobarn)ha(hectare) to hm²(square hectometre)ha(hectare) to in²(square inch)ha(hectare) to kb(kilobarn)ha(hectare) to km²(square kilometre)ha(hectare) to Mb(megabarn)ha(hectare) to mb(millibarn)ha(hectare) to mi²(square mile)ha(hectare) to Mm²(square megametre)ha(hectare) to mm²(square millimetre)ha(hectare) to m²(square metre)ha(hectare) to nb(nanobarn)ha(hectare) to nm²(square nanometre)ha(hectare) to Pb(petabarn)ha(hectare) to pb(picobarn)ha(hectare) to Pm²(square petametre)ha(hectare) to pm²(square picometre)ha(hectare) to raiha(hectare) to roodha(hectare) to squareha(hectare) to square perchha(hectare) to Tb(terabarn)ha(hectare) to Tm²(square terametre)ha(hectare) to yb(yoctobarn)ha(hectare) to Yb(yottabarn)ha(hectare) to yd²(square yard)ha(hectare) to ym²(square yoctometre)ha(hectare) to Ym²(square yottametre)ha(hectare) to zb(zeptobarn)ha(hectare) to Zb(zettabarn)ha(hectare) to zm²(square zeptometre)ha(hectare) to Zm²(square zettametre)ha(hectare) to µb(microbarn)ha(hectare) to µm²(square micrometre)