Unit °/h
Name degree per hour
Category Frequency
Details The unit °/h (degree per hour) in the field of frequency refers to the rate of change or variation of a certain quantity with respect to time, expressed in degrees (angular measurement) per hour. This unit is commonly used in applications involving rotation, oscillation or repetitive motion of an object.

For example, in the context of Earth's rotation, the rate of change of Earth's angle (measured in degrees) with respect to time can be expressed in degrees per hour (°/h). Similarly, when studying the oscillation of a pendulum or the rotation of a wheel, the unit °/h can be used to represent the rate at which the angle is changing per hour.

However, it is important to note that, in many applications involving frequency, the unit Hertz (Hz) is commonly used to express the number of cycles or oscillations occurring per second (1 Hz = 1 cycle/second).