Unit hF
Name hectofarad
Category Capacitance
Details A hectofarad (hF) is a unit of capacitance in the International System of Units (SI). Capacitance is a measure of the ability of a device or component, such as a capacitor, to store an electrical charge.

The base unit of capacitance in the SI system is the farad (F), named after the English scientist Michael Faraday. A hectofarad (hF) is equal to 100 farads (1 hF = 100 F).

In the field of electronics, the farad is a relatively large unit of capacitance, so it is more common to use smaller units such as microfarads (µF), nanofarads (nF), or picofarads (pF) when discussing the capacitance of everyday electronic circuits and components. Nonetheless, hectofarad (hF) is used in situations where large capacitance values are required, such as in power electronics and high-energy storage systems.