Unit hG
Name hectogauss
Category Magnetic Flux Density
Details A hectogauss (hG) is a unit of magnetic flux density in the centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system, which is an older system for scientific measurements. It measures the concentration of magnetic field lines in a given space. The CGS system is not commonly used today, as most measurements now follow the International System of Units (SI), where the standard unit for magnetic flux density is the Tesla (T).

1 hectogauss is equal to 0.1 Gauss (G) in CGS units, as 'hecto' denotes a factor of 100. To convert hectogauss to the more commonly used unit Tesla, you can use the following conversion:

1 hG = 1 x 10-6 T

Therefore, a magnetic field with a flux density of 1 hectogauss has a strength of 1 millionth (10-6) of a Tesla.