Unit in²
Name square inch
Category Area
Details A square inch (in²) is a unit of area in the field of area measurement in the Imperial and US customary systems. It represents the area enclosed by a square with each side measuring one inch in length. Essentially, it's a way to quantify a two-dimensional space, particularly in terms of surfaces or regions, using inches as the base unit for length and width measurements. This unit is commonly used to measure the size of small surfaces or objects, such as the surface area of a smartphone screen or a piece of fabric, and is predominantly used in the United States and countries that follow the Imperial system of measurements.
in²(square inch) to a(are)in²(square inch) to ab(attobarn)in²(square inch) to ac(acre)in²(square inch) to ac [US Survey](acre)in²(square inch) to am²(square attometre)in²(square inch) to b(barn)in²(square inch) to cb(centibarn)in²(square inch) to circular milin²(square inch) to cm²(square centimetre)in²(square inch) to dab(decabarn)in²(square inch) to dam²(square decametre)in²(square inch) to db(decibarn)in²(square inch) to dm²(square decimetre)in²(square inch) to Eb(exabarn)in²(square inch) to Em²(square exametre)in²(square inch) to fb(femtobarn)in²(square inch) to fm²(square femtometre)in²(square inch) to ft²(square foot)in²(square inch) to Gb(gigabarn)in²(square inch) to Gm²(square gigametre)in²(square inch) to ha(hectare)in²(square inch) to hb(hectobarn)in²(square inch) to hm²(square hectometre)in²(square inch) to kb(kilobarn)in²(square inch) to km²(square kilometre)in²(square inch) to Mb(megabarn)in²(square inch) to mb(millibarn)in²(square inch) to mi²(square mile)in²(square inch) to Mm²(square megametre)in²(square inch) to mm²(square millimetre)in²(square inch) to m²(square metre)in²(square inch) to nb(nanobarn)in²(square inch) to nm²(square nanometre)in²(square inch) to Pb(petabarn)in²(square inch) to pb(picobarn)in²(square inch) to Pm²(square petametre)in²(square inch) to pm²(square picometre)in²(square inch) to raiin²(square inch) to roodin²(square inch) to squarein²(square inch) to square perchin²(square inch) to Tb(terabarn)in²(square inch) to Tm²(square terametre)in²(square inch) to yb(yoctobarn)in²(square inch) to Yb(yottabarn)in²(square inch) to yd²(square yard)in²(square inch) to ym²(square yoctometre)in²(square inch) to Ym²(square yottametre)in²(square inch) to zb(zeptobarn)in²(square inch) to Zb(zettabarn)in²(square inch) to zm²(square zeptometre)in²(square inch) to Zm²(square zettametre)in²(square inch) to µb(microbarn)in²(square inch) to µm²(square micrometre)