Unit kbit [SI]
Name kilobit
Category Data
Details A kilobit (kbit or Kb) is a unit of data in the field of information and communication technology, used to represent digital information storage or transmission capabilities. It is a metric unit in the International System of Units (SI), where the prefix 'kilo-' refers to 1,000.

One kilobit (1 kbit) is equivalent to 1,000 bits. A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in computing and digital communications, represented by a binary value of either 0 (off state) or 1 (on state). Kilobit is typically used to quantify digital storage capacity, data transmission rates or the sizes of computer files.

It is important to distinguish between kilobit (Kb or kbit) and kilobyte (KB or kB), as a kilobit represents 1,000 bits, while a kilobyte represents 8,000 bits (as there are 8 bits in one byte). In data storage and transmission, kilobit is often used when referring to bit rate, whereas kilobyte is used when talking about file size, memory or storage capacity.
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