Unit Kibit
Name kibibit
Category Data
Details In the field of data, Kibit (kibibit) is a unit of information or digital data size. It is defined as the binary multiple of a bit, where 1 kibibit (Kibit) represents 2^10 or 1,024 bits. The prefix 'kibi' stands for kilo binary, combining the words 'kilo', meaning thousand, and 'binary', relating to the binary numeral system. Kibibit is used to quantify digital information more accurately than using the traditional kilobit, which represents 1,000 bits. Kibibit is especially helpful in contexts where data sizes need to be expressed in powers of 2, as in digital storage devices and computer memory systems.
Kibit(kibibit) to B(byte)Kibit(kibibit) to bit(bit)Kibit(kibibit) to EB [Binary](exabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to EB [SI](exabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Ebit [Binary](exabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Ebit [SI](exabit)Kibit(kibibit) to EiB(exbibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Eibit(exbibit)Kibit(kibibit) to GB [Binary](gigabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to GB [SI](gigabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Gbit [Binary](gigabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Gbit [SI](gigabit)Kibit(kibibit) to GiB(gibibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Gibit(gibibit)Kibit(kibibit) to kB [Binary](kilobyte)Kibit(kibibit) to kB [SI](kilobyte)Kibit(kibibit) to kbit [Binary](kilobit)Kibit(kibibit) to kbit [SI](kilobit)Kibit(kibibit) to KiB(kibibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to MB [Binary](megabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to MB [SI](megabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Mbit [Binary](megabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Mbit [SI](megabit)Kibit(kibibit) to MiB(mebibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Mibit(mebibit)Kibit(kibibit) to PB [Binary](petabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to PB [SI](petabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Pbit [Binary](petabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Pbit [SI](petabit)Kibit(kibibit) to PiB(pebibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Pibit(pebibit)Kibit(kibibit) to TB [Binary](terabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to TB [SI](terabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Tbit [Binary](terabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Tbit [SI](terabit)Kibit(kibibit) to TiB(tebibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Tibit(tebibit)Kibit(kibibit) to YB [Binary](yottabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to YB [SI](yottabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Ybit [Binary](yottabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Ybit [SI](yottabit)Kibit(kibibit) to YiB(yobibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Yibit(yobibit)Kibit(kibibit) to ZB [Binary](zettabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to ZB [SI](zettabyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Zbit [Binary](zettabit)Kibit(kibibit) to Zbit [SI](zettabit)Kibit(kibibit) to ZiB(zebibyte)Kibit(kibibit) to Zibit(zebibit)