Unit KiB
Name kibibyte
Category Data
Details A kibibyte (KiB) is a unit of digital information or computer storage in the field of data. It is a multiple of the unit byte, which is used to represent digital data. A kibibyte is equal to 2^10 or 1,024 bytes. The term "kibibyte" is derived from the combination of "kilo" (meaning thousand) and "binary" (base-2 numbers), and the "byte" unit (a unit of 8-bit digital information).

The kibibyte is part of the binary prefix system that was introduced to replace the traditional metric prefixes in computing applications, such as data storage and memory capacities. This system uses prefixes like kibi (Ki), mebi (Mi), gibi (Gi), and tebi (Ti), which are based on powers of 2, to avoid confusion and provide clearer distinctions between the sizes of different data units. The need for these binary prefixes arises from the fact that data storage capacities in computing systems usually follow base-2, or binary, mathematics, making units like kibibytes more appropriate and accurate than their decimal-based, metric counterparts.
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