Unit kJ
Name kilojoule
Category Energy
Details A kilojoule (kJ) is a unit of energy in the International System of Units (SI), which is used to measure the amount of energy transferred, trans-converted, or utilized in various applications. It is a derived unit, equivalent to 1000 joules. Joule, the base unit for energy, is named after James Prescott Joule, who was an English physicist, and is defined as the energy transferred or converted when a force of one newton is applied on an object moving one meter along the direction of the force.

In the field of energy, kilojoules are commonly used to express various forms of energy - including electrical, mechanical, thermal, or chemical energy. For example, the energy required to heat, cool, or operate electrical appliances is often measured in kilojoules. Additionally, food energy is also measured in kilojoules, as these represent the amount of energy our body can obtain from consuming the food.

Kilojoules play a crucial role in various scientific calculations, engineering designs, and energy management, helping to quantify and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of different energy conversion processes and technologies.
kJ(kilojoule) to acal(attocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to acal [15 °C](attocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to acal [IT](attocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to aeV(attoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to aJ(attojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to at [TNT](attotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to aW h(attowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to BTU(British thermal unit)kJ(kilojoule) to BTU [15 °C](British thermal unit)kJ(kilojoule) to BTU [IT](British thermal unit)kJ(kilojoule) to cal(calorie)kJ(kilojoule) to cal [15 °C](calorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Cal [food](calorie)kJ(kilojoule) to cal [IT](calorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ccal(centicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ccal [15 °C](centicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ccal [IT](centicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ceV(centielectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to cJ(centijoule)kJ(kilojoule) to ct [TNT](centitonne)kJ(kilojoule) to cW h(centiwatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to dacal(decacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to dacal [15 °C](decacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to dacal [IT](decacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to daeV(decaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to daJ(decajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to dat [TNT](decatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to daW h(decawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to dcal(decicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to dcal [15 °C](decicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to dcal [IT](decicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to deV(decielectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to dJ(decijoule)kJ(kilojoule) to dt [TNT](decitonne)kJ(kilojoule) to Dth [EC](decatherm)kJ(kilojoule) to dW h(deciwatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to Ecal(exacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Ecal [15 °C](exacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Ecal [IT](exacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to EeV(exaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to EJ(exajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to ergkJ(kilojoule) to Et [TNT](exatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to eV(electron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to EW h(exawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to fcal(femtocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to fcal [15 °C](femtocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to fcal [IT](femtocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to feV(femtoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to fJ(femtojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to ft lbf(foot-pound force)kJ(kilojoule) to ft [TNT](femtotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to fW h(femtowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to Gcal(gigacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Gcal [15 °C](gigacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Gcal [IT](gigacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to GeV(gigaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to GJ(gigajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to Gt [TNT](gigatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to GW h(gigawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to Ha(hartree)kJ(kilojoule) to hcal(hectocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to hcal [15 °C](hectocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to hcal [IT](hectocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to heV(hectoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to hJ(hectojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to ht [TNT](hectotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to hW h(hectowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to J(joule)kJ(kilojoule) to kcal(kilocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to kcal [15 °C](kilocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to kcal [IT](kilocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to keV(kiloelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to kt [TNT](kilotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to kW h(kilowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to MBTU [IT](thousand British thermal units)kJ(kilojoule) to Mcal(megacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to mcal(millicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Mcal [15 °C](megacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to mcal [15 °C](millicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Mcal [IT](megacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to mcal [IT](millicalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to MDth [EC](thousand decatherms)kJ(kilojoule) to MeV(megaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to meV(millielectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to MJ(megajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to mJ(millijoule)kJ(kilojoule) to MMBTU [IT](million British thermal units)kJ(kilojoule) to MMDth [EC](million decatherms)kJ(kilojoule) to Mt [TNT](megatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to mt [TNT](millitonne)kJ(kilojoule) to MW h(megawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to mW h(milliwatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to ncal(nanocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ncal [15 °C](nanocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ncal [IT](nanocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to neV(nanoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to nJ(nanojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to nt [TNT](nanotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to nW h(nanowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to Pcal(petacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to pcal(picocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Pcal [15 °C](petacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to pcal [15 °C](picocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Pcal [IT](petacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to pcal [IT](picocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to PeV(petaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to peV(picoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to PJ(petajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to pJ(picojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to Pt [TNT](petatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to pt [TNT](picotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to PW h(petawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to pW h(picowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to quadkJ(kilojoule) to t [TNT](tonne)kJ(kilojoule) to Tcal(teracalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Tcal [15 °C](teracalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Tcal [IT](teracalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to TeV(teraelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to th(thermie)kJ(kilojoule) to thm [EC](therm)kJ(kilojoule) to thm [Imperial](therm)kJ(kilojoule) to thm [US](therm)kJ(kilojoule) to TJ(terajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to toe(tonne of oil equivalent)kJ(kilojoule) to Tt [TNT](teratonne)kJ(kilojoule) to TW h(terawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to W h(watt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to ycal(yoctocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Ycal(yottacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ycal [15 °C](yoctocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Ycal [15 °C](yottacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to ycal [IT](yoctocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Ycal [IT](yottacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to yeV(yoctoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to YeV(yottaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to yJ(yoctojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to YJ(yottajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to yt [TNT](yoctotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to Yt [TNT](yottatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to yW h(yoctowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to YW h(yottawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to zcal(zeptocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Zcal(zettacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to zcal [15 °C](zeptocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Zcal [15 °C](zettacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to zcal [IT](zeptocalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to Zcal [IT](zettacalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to zeV(zeptoelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to ZeV(zettaelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to zJ(zeptojoule)kJ(kilojoule) to ZJ(zettajoule)kJ(kilojoule) to zt [TNT](zeptotonne)kJ(kilojoule) to Zt [TNT](zettatonne)kJ(kilojoule) to zW h(zeptowatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to ZW h(zettawatt hour)kJ(kilojoule) to µcal(microcalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to µcal [15 °C](microcalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to µcal [IT](microcalorie)kJ(kilojoule) to µeV(microelectron volt)kJ(kilojoule) to µJ(microjoule)kJ(kilojoule) to µt [TNT](microtonne)kJ(kilojoule) to µW h(microwatt hour)