Unit kp
Name kilopond
Category Force
Details A kilopond (kp) is a non-SI unit of force that was mainly used in some European countries before the adoption of the International System of Units (SI). It represents the force exerted by Earth's gravity on a mass of one kilogram. In other words, a force of one kilopond is the gravitational force that acts on an object having a mass of one kilogram under Earth's gravity.

The unit kilopond is often informally referred to as "kilogram-force" (kgf), although the two are technically different. One kilopond is equivalent to 9.80665 newtons, which is the standard gravitational force acting on an object with a mass of one kilogram. Since the newton (N) is the SI unit of force, kiloponds are most commonly converted to newtons when discussing force in modern scientific contexts.
kp(kilopond) to agf(attogram-force)kp(kilopond) to aN(attonewton)kp(kilopond) to cgf(centigram-force)kp(kilopond) to cN(centinewton)kp(kilopond) to dagf(decagram-force)kp(kilopond) to daN(decanewton)kp(kilopond) to dgf(decigram-force)kp(kilopond) to dN(decinewton)kp(kilopond) to dyn(dyne)kp(kilopond) to Egf(exagram-force)kp(kilopond) to EN(exanewton)kp(kilopond) to fgf(femtogram-force)kp(kilopond) to fN(femtonewton)kp(kilopond) to gf(gram-force)kp(kilopond) to Ggf(gigagram-force)kp(kilopond) to GN(giganewton)kp(kilopond) to hgf(hectogram-force)kp(kilopond) to hN(hectonewton)kp(kilopond) to kgf(kilogram-force)kp(kilopond) to kipkp(kilopond) to kN(kilonewton)kp(kilopond) to lbf(pound-force)kp(kilopond) to mgf(milligram-force)kp(kilopond) to Mgf(megagram-force)kp(kilopond) to mN(millinewton)kp(kilopond) to MN(meganewton)kp(kilopond) to N(newton)kp(kilopond) to ngf(nanogram-force)kp(kilopond) to nN(nanonewton)kp(kilopond) to ozf(ounce-force)kp(kilopond) to pdl(poundal)kp(kilopond) to Pgf(petagram-force)kp(kilopond) to pgf(picogram-force)kp(kilopond) to PN(petanewton)kp(kilopond) to pN(piconewton)kp(kilopond) to Tgf(teragram-force)kp(kilopond) to TN(teranewton)kp(kilopond) to ygf(yoctogram-force)kp(kilopond) to Ygf(yottagram-force)kp(kilopond) to yN(yoctonewton)kp(kilopond) to YN(yottanewton)kp(kilopond) to zgf(zeptogram-force)kp(kilopond) to Zgf(zettagram-force)kp(kilopond) to zN(zeptonewton)kp(kilopond) to ZN(zettanewton)kp(kilopond) to µgf(microgram-force)kp(kilopond) to µN(micronewton)