Unit kS
Name kilosiemens
Category Electrical Conductance
Details In the field of Electrical Conductance, the unit kS (kilosiemens) is used to measure the conductance of a material or an electrical circuit. A kilosiemens is equal to 1000 siemens.

Conductance is the measure of a material's or an electrical circuit's ability to allow the flow of electric current. It is the reciprocal of electrical resistance (the opposition to the flow of electric current), and its SI (International System of Units) unit is the siemens.

The kilosiemens (kS) is a larger unit used to represent high conductance values more conveniently. For example, 5,000 siemens can be written as 5 kS, making it easier to comprehend and express the high level of conductance in the material or circuit.