Unit kT
Name kilotesla
Category Magnetic Flux Density
Details A kilotesla (kT) is a unit used in the field of magnetic flux density to represent the magnitude of magnetic field strength. Magnetic flux density, also known as the magnetic field or magnetic induction, is a vector quantity that characterizes how a magnetic field interacts with a material.

1 kilotesla (kT) is equal to 1,000 tesla (T), where a tesla is the SI unit for measuring magnetic flux density. Named after the physicist Nikola Tesla, one tesla is equal to one weber per square meter (Wb/m²) or 10^4 gauss (G).

Magnetic flux density, which is expressed in units of tesla or kilotesla, is used in various applications, such as electromagnets, transformers, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and magnetic storage devices. A strong magnetic field is on the order of 1 T, so when we are dealing with very intense magnetic fields, such as those produced by powerful magnets or some industrial processes, we may use kilotesla as a unit of measurement.