Unit lbf
Name pound-force
Category Force
Details The pound-force (lbf) is a unit of force used in the field of mechanics and engineering, specifically in the gravitational measurement systems, like the foot-pound-second (FPS) system. It is based on the force exerted by one pound of mass in Earth's gravity. One pound-force is defined as the amount of force required to accelerate a one-pound mass by 9.80665 meters per second squared (32.17405 ft/sec²), which is the standard acceleration due to Earth's gravity.

The pound-force is often used in areas such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and aerospace as a convenient way to express force for systems where mass and weight are interrelated. However, in the International System of Units (SI Units), the standard unit for force measurement is the Newton (N). To convert pound-force to Newtons, 1 lbf is approximately equal to 4.44822 N.
lbf(pound-force) to agf(attogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to aN(attonewton)lbf(pound-force) to cgf(centigram-force)lbf(pound-force) to cN(centinewton)lbf(pound-force) to dagf(decagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to daN(decanewton)lbf(pound-force) to dgf(decigram-force)lbf(pound-force) to dN(decinewton)lbf(pound-force) to dyn(dyne)lbf(pound-force) to Egf(exagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to EN(exanewton)lbf(pound-force) to fgf(femtogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to fN(femtonewton)lbf(pound-force) to gf(gram-force)lbf(pound-force) to Ggf(gigagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to GN(giganewton)lbf(pound-force) to hgf(hectogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to hN(hectonewton)lbf(pound-force) to kgf(kilogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to kiplbf(pound-force) to kN(kilonewton)lbf(pound-force) to kp(kilopond)lbf(pound-force) to mgf(milligram-force)lbf(pound-force) to Mgf(megagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to mN(millinewton)lbf(pound-force) to MN(meganewton)lbf(pound-force) to N(newton)lbf(pound-force) to ngf(nanogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to nN(nanonewton)lbf(pound-force) to ozf(ounce-force)lbf(pound-force) to pdl(poundal)lbf(pound-force) to Pgf(petagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to pgf(picogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to PN(petanewton)lbf(pound-force) to pN(piconewton)lbf(pound-force) to Tgf(teragram-force)lbf(pound-force) to TN(teranewton)lbf(pound-force) to ygf(yoctogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to Ygf(yottagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to yN(yoctonewton)lbf(pound-force) to YN(yottanewton)lbf(pound-force) to zgf(zeptogram-force)lbf(pound-force) to Zgf(zettagram-force)lbf(pound-force) to zN(zeptonewton)lbf(pound-force) to ZN(zettanewton)lbf(pound-force) to µgf(microgram-force)lbf(pound-force) to µN(micronewton)