Unit Mbit [SI]
Name megabit
Category Data
Details A megabit (Mbit) is a unit of digital information or computer storage in the field of data. It is equal to one million (1,000,000) bits, where a bit (binary digit) is the smallest unit of data in a computer represented by either a 0 or 1. Megabit is often used to express data transfer rates or communication speed, such as network bandwidth, download or upload speeds, and transmission rates for wired or wireless networks, typically measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

It is important not to confuse a megabit (Mbit) with a megabyte (MB). A megabyte is equal to eight megabits as one byte is comprised of eight bits. When referring to storage capacity, we typically use megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB), while megabits (Mbit) and gigabits (Gbit) are more common when discussing data transfer rates or network speeds.
Mbit [SI](megabit) to B(byte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to bit(bit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to EB [Binary](exabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to EB [SI](exabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Ebit [Binary](exabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Ebit [SI](exabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to EiB(exbibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Eibit(exbibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to GB [Binary](gigabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to GB [SI](gigabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Gbit [Binary](gigabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Gbit [SI](gigabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to GiB(gibibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Gibit(gibibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to kB [Binary](kilobyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to kB [SI](kilobyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to kbit [Binary](kilobit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to kbit [SI](kilobit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to KiB(kibibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Kibit(kibibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to MB [Binary](megabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to MB [SI](megabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Mbit [Binary](megabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to MiB(mebibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Mibit(mebibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to PB [Binary](petabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to PB [SI](petabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Pbit [Binary](petabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Pbit [SI](petabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to PiB(pebibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Pibit(pebibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to TB [Binary](terabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to TB [SI](terabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Tbit [Binary](terabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Tbit [SI](terabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to TiB(tebibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Tibit(tebibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to YB [Binary](yottabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to YB [SI](yottabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Ybit [Binary](yottabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Ybit [SI](yottabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to YiB(yobibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Yibit(yobibit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to ZB [Binary](zettabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to ZB [SI](zettabyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Zbit [Binary](zettabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Zbit [SI](zettabit)Mbit [SI](megabit) to ZiB(zebibyte)Mbit [SI](megabit) to Zibit(zebibit)