Unit Mb
Name megabarn
Category Area
Details In the field of nuclear and particle physics, a megabarn (Mb) is a unit of area used to describe the cross-sectional area of atomic nuclei and particles. It is primarily used to represent the probability of interaction between particles, such as the likelihood of scattering, absorption or other processes during collisions.

The term "barn" was derived from the phrase "as big as a barn," as nuclear physicists jokingly described the relatively large size of a nuclear target compared to subatomic dimensions. A barn is equal to 10^-28 square meters (m²). A megabarn is one million times larger than a barn, so a megabarn is equal to 10^-22 square meters (m²).

To put this in perspective, the unit of a barn is still extremely small in everyday life measuring units; thus, it is only significant in the context of atomic and subatomic interactions.
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