Unit mlx
Name millilux
Category Illuminance
Details In the field of illuminance, unit Mlx (Megalux) is used to measure the amount of light that falls on a surface. Illuminance refers to the incident light on a certain area and is expressed in lux (lx). Megalux (Mlx) is a larger unit of illuminance, where 1 Megalux (Mlx) is equal to 1 million Lux. As illuminance is defined as the total luminous flux (in lumens) falling on a surface, lux quantifies how well the surface is illuminated.

Megalux is particularly useful when discussing large-scale illuminance levels or comparing illuminance in vast outdoor environments, such as stadiums or large architectural spaces, where the measured values could range into several million lux.
mlx(millilux) to alx(attolux)mlx(millilux) to aph(attophot)mlx(millilux) to clx(centilux)mlx(millilux) to cph(centiphot)mlx(millilux) to dalx(decalux)mlx(millilux) to daph(decaphot)mlx(millilux) to dlx(decilux)mlx(millilux) to dph(deciphot)mlx(millilux) to Elx(exalux)mlx(millilux) to Eph(exaphot)mlx(millilux) to fc(foot-candle)mlx(millilux) to flx(femtolux)mlx(millilux) to fph(femtophot)mlx(millilux) to Glx(gigalux)mlx(millilux) to Gph(gigaphot)mlx(millilux) to hlx(hectolux)mlx(millilux) to hph(hectophot)mlx(millilux) to klx(kilolux)mlx(millilux) to kph(kilophot)mlx(millilux) to lm/am²(lumen per square attometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/cm²(lumen per square centimetre)mlx(millilux) to lm/dam²(lumen per square decametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/dm²(lumen per square decimetre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Em²(lumen per square exametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/fm²(lumen per square femtometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/ft²(lumen per square foot)mlx(millilux) to lm/Gm²(lumen per square gigametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/hm²(lumen per square hectometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/in²(lumen per square inch)mlx(millilux) to lm/km²(lumen per square kilometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Mm²(lumen per square megametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/mm²(lumen per square millimetre)mlx(millilux) to lm/m²(lumen per square metre)mlx(millilux) to lm/nm²(lumen per square nanometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Pm²(lumen per square petametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/pm²(lumen per square picometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Tm²(lumen per square terametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/ym²(lumen per square yoctometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Ym²(lumen per square yottametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/zm²(lumen per square zeptometre)mlx(millilux) to lm/Zm²(lumen per square zettametre)mlx(millilux) to lm/µm²(lumen per square micrometre)mlx(millilux) to lx(lux)mlx(millilux) to Mlx(megalux)mlx(millilux) to Mph(megaphot)mlx(millilux) to mph(milliphot)mlx(millilux) to nlx(nanolux)mlx(millilux) to nph(nanophot)mlx(millilux) to nx(nox)mlx(millilux) to ph(phot)mlx(millilux) to Plx(petalux)mlx(millilux) to plx(picolux)mlx(millilux) to Pph(petaphot)mlx(millilux) to pph(picophot)mlx(millilux) to Tlx(teralux)mlx(millilux) to Tph(teraphot)mlx(millilux) to ylx(yoctolux)mlx(millilux) to Ylx(yottalux)mlx(millilux) to yph(yoctophot)mlx(millilux) to Yph(yottaphot)mlx(millilux) to zlx(zeptolux)mlx(millilux) to Zlx(zettalux)mlx(millilux) to zph(zeptophot)mlx(millilux) to Zph(zettaphot)mlx(millilux) to µlx(microlux)mlx(millilux) to µph(microphot)