Unit mN
Name millinewton
Category Force
Details A meganewton (MN) is a unit of force in the International System of Units (SI). It is equal to one million newtons. A newton is the SI-derived unit of force, named in honor of Sir Isaac Newton, who is known for his work in physics and, more specifically, his laws of motion.

Force is a vector quantity that is used to describe the interaction between two objects, causing one or both to accelerate. One newton is defined as the force required to accelerate a one kilogram mass at a rate of one meter per second squared (1 kg·m/s²).

In the field of force, the MN unit is often used when measuring or describing forces of a larger scale like in aerospace, structural engineering, or even geophysics. For instance, the force exerted by rocket engines, load capacity of bridges, or the force between tectonic plates can be expressed in meganewtons.
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