Unit nlx
Name nanolux
Category Illuminance
Details Nanolux (nLx) is a unit of illuminance in the field of lighting and optics. Illuminance is a measure of the amount of light incident on a surface. It is used to describe and quantify the brightness of light that is present in a given area or incident on a particular surface.

The standard unit of illuminance is lux (lx), which is defined as the amount of light (lumens) incident on a surface per unit area (square meters). One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter (1 lx = 1 lm/m²).

A nanolux (nLx) is a smaller unit of illuminance that is one billion times smaller than a lux. It is equal to 10⁻⁹ lux, or 0.000000001 lux. This provides a convenient way to describe extremely low levels of illuminance, which might be present in extremely dim conditions or when measuring extremely faint light sources. Using nanolux as a unit of measurement is particularly useful for scientific research and specialized applications - such as in astronomy, where low light levels are the norm.
nlx(nanolux) to alx(attolux)nlx(nanolux) to aph(attophot)nlx(nanolux) to clx(centilux)nlx(nanolux) to cph(centiphot)nlx(nanolux) to dalx(decalux)nlx(nanolux) to daph(decaphot)nlx(nanolux) to dlx(decilux)nlx(nanolux) to dph(deciphot)nlx(nanolux) to Elx(exalux)nlx(nanolux) to Eph(exaphot)nlx(nanolux) to fc(foot-candle)nlx(nanolux) to flx(femtolux)nlx(nanolux) to fph(femtophot)nlx(nanolux) to Glx(gigalux)nlx(nanolux) to Gph(gigaphot)nlx(nanolux) to hlx(hectolux)nlx(nanolux) to hph(hectophot)nlx(nanolux) to klx(kilolux)nlx(nanolux) to kph(kilophot)nlx(nanolux) to lm/am²(lumen per square attometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/cm²(lumen per square centimetre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/dam²(lumen per square decametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/dm²(lumen per square decimetre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Em²(lumen per square exametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/fm²(lumen per square femtometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/ft²(lumen per square foot)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Gm²(lumen per square gigametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/hm²(lumen per square hectometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/in²(lumen per square inch)nlx(nanolux) to lm/km²(lumen per square kilometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Mm²(lumen per square megametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/mm²(lumen per square millimetre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/m²(lumen per square metre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/nm²(lumen per square nanometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Pm²(lumen per square petametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/pm²(lumen per square picometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Tm²(lumen per square terametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/ym²(lumen per square yoctometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Ym²(lumen per square yottametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/zm²(lumen per square zeptometre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/Zm²(lumen per square zettametre)nlx(nanolux) to lm/µm²(lumen per square micrometre)nlx(nanolux) to lx(lux)nlx(nanolux) to Mlx(megalux)nlx(nanolux) to mlx(millilux)nlx(nanolux) to Mph(megaphot)nlx(nanolux) to mph(milliphot)nlx(nanolux) to nph(nanophot)nlx(nanolux) to nx(nox)nlx(nanolux) to ph(phot)nlx(nanolux) to Plx(petalux)nlx(nanolux) to plx(picolux)nlx(nanolux) to Pph(petaphot)nlx(nanolux) to pph(picophot)nlx(nanolux) to Tlx(teralux)nlx(nanolux) to Tph(teraphot)nlx(nanolux) to ylx(yoctolux)nlx(nanolux) to Ylx(yottalux)nlx(nanolux) to yph(yoctophot)nlx(nanolux) to Yph(yottaphot)nlx(nanolux) to zlx(zeptolux)nlx(nanolux) to Zlx(zettalux)nlx(nanolux) to zph(zeptophot)nlx(nanolux) to Zph(zettaphot)nlx(nanolux) to µlx(microlux)nlx(nanolux) to µph(microphot)