Unit ozf
Name ounce-force
Category Force
Details Ounce-force (ozf) is a unit of force used in the field of mechanics and physics to describe the strength or intensity of a force. It is defined as the amount of force exerted to accelerate an object with a mass of one avoirdupois ounce (approximately 28.35 grams) by one foot per second squared (ft/s²) in the direction of the applied force. Ounce-force is primarily used in the United States and other countries that use the Imperial or the US customary system of units.

One ounce-force is equivalent to approximately 0.278 Newtons (N) in the International System of Units (SI), which is the standard system in most parts of the world. It is commonly used to measure small and precise amounts of force, especially in applications such as tension or compression of small parts, torque in watchmaking or jewelry, and calibration of delicate instruments like scales or balances.
ozf(ounce-force) to agf(attogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to aN(attonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to cgf(centigram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to cN(centinewton)ozf(ounce-force) to dagf(decagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to daN(decanewton)ozf(ounce-force) to dgf(decigram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to dN(decinewton)ozf(ounce-force) to dyn(dyne)ozf(ounce-force) to Egf(exagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to EN(exanewton)ozf(ounce-force) to fgf(femtogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to fN(femtonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to gf(gram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to Ggf(gigagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to GN(giganewton)ozf(ounce-force) to hgf(hectogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to hN(hectonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to kgf(kilogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to kipozf(ounce-force) to kN(kilonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to kp(kilopond)ozf(ounce-force) to lbf(pound-force)ozf(ounce-force) to mgf(milligram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to Mgf(megagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to mN(millinewton)ozf(ounce-force) to MN(meganewton)ozf(ounce-force) to N(newton)ozf(ounce-force) to ngf(nanogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to nN(nanonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to pdl(poundal)ozf(ounce-force) to Pgf(petagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to pgf(picogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to PN(petanewton)ozf(ounce-force) to pN(piconewton)ozf(ounce-force) to Tgf(teragram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to TN(teranewton)ozf(ounce-force) to ygf(yoctogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to Ygf(yottagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to yN(yoctonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to YN(yottanewton)ozf(ounce-force) to zgf(zeptogram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to Zgf(zettagram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to zN(zeptonewton)ozf(ounce-force) to ZN(zettanewton)ozf(ounce-force) to µgf(microgram-force)ozf(ounce-force) to µN(micronewton)