Unit oz
Name ounce
Category Mass
Details In the field of mass, an ounce (oz) is a unit of measurement used to represent the weight or mass of an object. It is a part of the imperial and US customary systems of units, which are used predominantly in the United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries. One ounce is equivalent to approximately 28.35 grams in the metric system which uses the basic measurement of a gram. It is important to note that an ounce is different from a fluid ounce, which is a unit of volume. Ounces are commonly used to specify the mass of small quantities of substances, such as food or small ingredients.
oz(ounce) to ag(attogram)oz(ounce) to at [metric](attotonne)oz(ounce) to cg(centigram)oz(ounce) to ct(carat)oz(ounce) to ct [metric](centitonne)oz(ounce) to dag(decagram)oz(ounce) to dat [metric](decatonne)oz(ounce) to dg(decigram)oz(ounce) to dt [metric](decitonne)oz(ounce) to dwt(pennyweight)oz(ounce) to Eg(exagram)oz(ounce) to Et [metric](exatonne)oz(ounce) to fg(femtogram)oz(ounce) to ft [metric](femtotonne)oz(ounce) to g(gram)oz(ounce) to Gg(gigagram)oz(ounce) to gr(grain)oz(ounce) to Gt [metric](gigatonne)oz(ounce) to hg(hectogram)oz(ounce) to ht [metric](hectotonne)oz(ounce) to kg(kilogram)oz(ounce) to kt [metric](kilotonne)oz(ounce) to lb(pound)oz(ounce) to lb t(troy pound)oz(ounce) to long cwt [Imperial](long hundredweight)oz(ounce) to long tn [Imperial](long tonne)oz(ounce) to Mg(megagram)oz(ounce) to mg(milligram)oz(ounce) to Mt [metric](megatonne)oz(ounce) to mt [metric](millitonne)oz(ounce) to ng(nanogram)oz(ounce) to nt [metric](nanotonne)oz(ounce) to oz t(troy ounce)oz(ounce) to oz [US food nutrition labeling](ounce)oz(ounce) to Pg(petagram)oz(ounce) to pg(picogram)oz(ounce) to poodoz(ounce) to Pt [metric](petatonne)oz(ounce) to pt [metric](picotonne)oz(ounce) to sh cwt [US](short hundredweight)oz(ounce) to sh tn [US](short tonne)oz(ounce) to slugoz(ounce) to st(stone)oz(ounce) to t [metric](tonne)oz(ounce) to Tg(teragram)oz(ounce) to Tt [metric](teratonne)oz(ounce) to yg(yoctogram)oz(ounce) to Yg(yottagram)oz(ounce) to yt [metric](yoctotonne)oz(ounce) to Yt [metric](yottatonne)oz(ounce) to zg(zeptogram)oz(ounce) to Zg(zettagram)oz(ounce) to zt [metric](zeptotonne)oz(ounce) to Zt [metric](zettatonne)oz(ounce) to µg(microgram)oz(ounce) to µt [metric](microtonne)