Unit pdl
Name poundal
Category Force
Details A poundal (pdl) is a non-SI unit of force used primarily in the field of physics and engineering. It is defined as the force required to accelerate a one-pound mass (lbm) by one foot per second squared (ft/s²). In other words, one poundal is the amount of force needed to change the velocity of a 1-pound object by 1 foot per second.

One poundal is equal to 13.825365 newtons, and as such, it is a less commonly used unit than the newton (the SI unit for force). However, the poundal has its roots in the British Imperial system of units and is sometimes used in educational settings or traditional engineering industries.
pdl(poundal) to agf(attogram-force)pdl(poundal) to aN(attonewton)pdl(poundal) to cgf(centigram-force)pdl(poundal) to cN(centinewton)pdl(poundal) to dagf(decagram-force)pdl(poundal) to daN(decanewton)pdl(poundal) to dgf(decigram-force)pdl(poundal) to dN(decinewton)pdl(poundal) to dyn(dyne)pdl(poundal) to Egf(exagram-force)pdl(poundal) to EN(exanewton)pdl(poundal) to fgf(femtogram-force)pdl(poundal) to fN(femtonewton)pdl(poundal) to gf(gram-force)pdl(poundal) to Ggf(gigagram-force)pdl(poundal) to GN(giganewton)pdl(poundal) to hgf(hectogram-force)pdl(poundal) to hN(hectonewton)pdl(poundal) to kgf(kilogram-force)pdl(poundal) to kippdl(poundal) to kN(kilonewton)pdl(poundal) to kp(kilopond)pdl(poundal) to lbf(pound-force)pdl(poundal) to mgf(milligram-force)pdl(poundal) to Mgf(megagram-force)pdl(poundal) to mN(millinewton)pdl(poundal) to MN(meganewton)pdl(poundal) to N(newton)pdl(poundal) to ngf(nanogram-force)pdl(poundal) to nN(nanonewton)pdl(poundal) to ozf(ounce-force)pdl(poundal) to Pgf(petagram-force)pdl(poundal) to pgf(picogram-force)pdl(poundal) to PN(petanewton)pdl(poundal) to pN(piconewton)pdl(poundal) to Tgf(teragram-force)pdl(poundal) to TN(teranewton)pdl(poundal) to ygf(yoctogram-force)pdl(poundal) to Ygf(yottagram-force)pdl(poundal) to yN(yoctonewton)pdl(poundal) to YN(yottanewton)pdl(poundal) to zgf(zeptogram-force)pdl(poundal) to Zgf(zettagram-force)pdl(poundal) to zN(zeptonewton)pdl(poundal) to ZN(zettanewton)pdl(poundal) to µgf(microgram-force)pdl(poundal) to µN(micronewton)